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Since 2005,  MONACO has been delivering premier solutions from wireless audio to ultimate home theater and smart home automation to many Southern California homeowners. We’d like you to join our growing list of satisfied customers.

“Don’t be sorry, talk to us FIRST”

Hi Larry
Congratulations on your growing home entertainment electronics business. When I first opened THE GOOD GUYS! we decided to compete with the big impersonal chains by featuring only the better quality electronics, truly competitive prices and outstanding personalized customer service. Given how complex technology is today and how much worse the big chains have become, the need for this has never been more important than now. I am glad that your goal at MONACO is to carry on with THE GOOD GUYS! tradition in your good-looking new store in Pasadena. Larry, you were among the best of the best at knowing which products best met the needs of your customers and at offering your customers truly outstanding customer service. I know you and your team will make everyone proud doing the same for all your (and our former) Southern California customers. Best of luck!
Ronald Unkefer
Founder & Former Chairman

This review is in regards to Monaco helping build our Home Theatre and setting and fixing Creston for us

We recently built a new home in Arcadia, Pasadena, and we were shopping around. we were recommended by a friend to check out Monaco. During this whole process we were assisted by Larry. Him and his team were a great help and a very friendly group. Any questions you have, Larry will answer them and then give you more. Larry would also always recommend you the most fitting equipment for your home. He would not give you any cheap knock-offs or third-party compatible alternatives(which i will explain in a bit). He always provided us the equipment that would meet our needs. He is very forthcoming and honest with his opinion, nor does he sugar coat his words like many salesmen do.

With our home theatre, he helped us pick the audio equipement (KEF) which met our tastes and needs, and he made sure he met all deadlines, and kept in communication with us, letting us know if there would be any potential issues/delays. He was also very open with his opinions, letting us know, what he personally feels would be good for the home, but would not push us to do as he says. He leaves the choice up to us, but always lets us know his own insight. Also if we ran into any questions or issues, he would be there to help us and respond to us asap.

As for Creston, our home lighting system, we went with Czar to install Creston for our home system, in which we absolutely regretted. They were very sloppy and delayed. They told us they would have our system finished by November, but it was not complete until January. Also, after they did finish, within a week, we ran into a blackout, and our system ran into some issues, in which the creston lighting was not able to communicate with the main system, and thus would not turn on/off. When we contacted Czar, they came and just said “this is an IP issue, and not our problem. If you want to get this fixed, you need to call a Creston certified technician who will be charging 150 an hour”. Our home was JUST finished one week, and we had a blackout, and that was their response and left.

During that time, Larry was still helping out with our home theatre, and noticed the mess we were in, and told us that Czar has been giving us third-party alternatives instead of actually using Creston’s actual products for our lighting system. This was when we realized the improtance of Larry’s work and products in that, he would not give us these cheap alternatives just to save costs, but would give us plenty of headaches and annoyance in the future. And i feel for this, this is quite important and very great quality of Monaco.

In anycase, if this is what you’re looking for in Service, where they are helpful, and honest, and will give you their opinion and the best quality you would be looking for, then Monaco is the place to go.

Andrew C from Arcadia, CA

If you want a discount AV system go to Best Buy and overpay for cheap equipment. If you want high quality AV equipment, highly personalized serviced, and not to be overcharged or pushed into equipment that doesn’t suit your needs go to Monaco AV.

Monaco AV not only identified the best equipment for me, they came to my house and fine tuned the system, replaced any under performing pieces, and never hesitated to upgrade my system with no additional charges.

If you want anything better than cheap Best Buy equipment but don’t want to get ripped off at typical snobby Beverly Hills outlets of to Monaco AV and ask for for Larry or Ian.
Sean K from Pasadena CA

Just recently purchased the KEF LS50 from Larry and Allen at Monaco.  Met them originally at the audiophile T.H.E. Show in Newport beach.  Both were very knowledgeable and helpful–and fun to talk to.  They were very responsive to my questions and let me spend several hours auditioning gear at the store.

Great selection and service.  Great team!

Kevin B from La Crescenta, CA

It’s rare in this modern age of “big box stores” and online retailers to encounter truly stellar customer service. However, today I encountered just that. A little over a month ago I purchased a pair of Klipsch Hersey IIIs from Allen and Larry at Monaco, and about a week ago I noticed a problem with one of the tweeters. So today I boxed them up and took them to the store. I was expecting the standard run around and to end up having to ship my speakers back to Klipsch for repair.

What I got instead was one of the best customer service experiences of my life. Alan and Larry took my speaker apart, confirmed the problem and then, using the tweeter from their floor model repaired my speaker and sent me on my way. From the moment I stepped in the door to when I left 90 minutes later I was the most important customer they had. When you step up to the world of high-end audio, Klipsch, Martin Logan, KEF, you’re purchasing an elite product. So it is fitting that the customer service provided by Monaco is on a par with the brands they sell. I look forward to having an opportunity to do business with these two fine individuals again. Thank You again, Allen & Larry!
Chris F from Los Angeles

I was looking all over the place for businesses to demo some floorstanding speakers and everywhere I tried I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone. I luckily found Monaco AVs number on Google and gave them a call to see when they closed so I could swing by and demo some speakers. When I called Ian gave me the best phone experience I’ve ever had from a business. He was so nice and helpful when I just wanted to know when they closed. He went out of his way to find out what I was looking for instead of just saying the time they closed and hung up like every business I’ve ever called before.

Once I got to the store they were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic about the products they were demoing for me. Once they narrowed down the type of music I like and what I wanted from the loudspeakers I was looking for, Larry the owner of the company demo’d me a set of electrostatic speakers from Martin Logan. I’ve never heard of either the type of speaker and the brand. Regardless these things blew me away with what they could do. The soundstage was incredible as well as the overall tonal range it could deliver. After some more talking with the team there about the speakers I knew I wanted these speakers but I needed more time to think about it as well as look up some more information on speakers I demo’d.

I ended up coming back a few days later to demo them again because I had to be sure if I was going to end up buying them. Once I did I realized that I had to have them. We discussed the price and they were willing to work with me to help me stay around the budget I had to work with.

I would HIGHLY recommend these guys to anyone looking for Home Theater equipment or Hi-Fi equipment and service. These guys know what they’re talking about as well as have the enthusiasm you rarely see in this type of business anymore. I will always recommend anyone I know to them and I will always be using Monaco AV for any of my future Home Theater/ Hi-Fi needs.

Ryan B from Valencia, CA

I also highly recommend Monaco’s staff. I walked in with a group of people and was well greeted by Ian. What a super guy very knowledgeable. Ian was patient with me answered all my question demo every setup I asked for without hesitation, and what toped it off I didn’t buy anything and he still treated me as if I was his best customer. I told him I would be back, but I just need to save up a little more. About six months later I called and Ian remembered me as if it was yesterday. I made arrangements of what I wanted and when I got there all I had to do was make the payment, and that’s when I met Larry, now you will never meet an owner who is down to earth as him, what a fun guy he went into deep details of what I need and gave me plenty of nuggets. I explain the problems and concerns I had and Larry assured me his installers would do the job. I bought a Sony Projector.

Now the installers came out and did a tremendous job even helped me with my screen free of charge. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have had the pleasure of meeting a great staff.

I’m a Customer for life!
Lionel M from Perris CA

Looking for retailers to demo higher end (higher than big box retail) audio equipment is not an easy task, but luckily I found Monaco AV through KEF’s authorized dealer website. When I first called to inquire about listening to some KEF towers, I was greeted over the phone by a gentleman named Ian. Not only did he answer my initial inquiry, but he took the time and interest and asked what I listed to, what other equipment I may be using, and remembered my name at the end of the conversation. Wow!! Notice to all other retailers – It doesn’t take alot, but does take some effort to establish a relationship with a potential customer.

When I arrived for a demo, Ian was helping another customer, but Allen was available and assisted my wife and I through not only the demo, but demo’ed other speakers available. Allen was very accomodating and personable and when Ian was free we all were listending and discussing the various speakers attributes. It was THE BEST listending experience at a retail store. It was as if we were listening to music and speakers with friends that were very knowledgeable enthusiasts. I thought I would just go and listen to 1 or 2 sets of speakers, and ended up there for over 90 minutes listening to an array of options, because they were so accomodating and it was a very comfortable enviornment…there is an art to sell without being pushy, and letting the product along with the sales knowledge sell itself…and that’s what it was.

It gets better….I wasn’t exactly enthused with the original speakers I came to listen to (everyone’s ears and preferences are different), but Ian suggested I listen to Martin Logan Motion Series towers (same price range), and he was spot on with his recommendation.

It gets even better….I wasn’t initially looking to purchase that day, but when I inquired about a quote, they were very competitive, and they even carried the media console I was also separately interested in. Larry even went online to show current online pricing and showed his prices were competitive…that was an impressive move as we all know shoppers are always price checking online, and instead of ignoring or coming up with excuses, he cut all that out of the equation.

In today’s day and age of onlline e-commerce, Larry, Ian and Allen reminded me of how its still crucial to have an inperson discussion with fellow enthusiates who CARE about their customers, take the time to understand their listening preferences, take the time to curate a good blend of different options, take the time to take into account everyones different budgets, and take the time to find the best option based on those budgets.

EXTREMELY impressed on the focus to customer service, and will definitely recommend to others that I know for Audio / Video / Home Automation inquires.
KK from Torrance, CA

In the age of Best Buy and Amazon, it’s nice to know that some specialized boutique stores like Monaco still exist. Larry and Allen were fantastic people to meet and talk with. They helped steer me to a beautiful pair of speakers (KEF LS50’s) that, not only sounded great, but were within my meager budget as well. These two are really passionate about what they do, and will allow you to demo to your hearts content. I definitely prefer the level of service here vs Best Buy/Magnolia or any other big box retailer. Prices are also inline with every reputable big box & online retailer, and you don’t have to worry about the UPS guy throwing your multi thousand dollar equipment over your fence.

In Conclusion, Monaco is a 5-star boutique HiFi/AV retailer. Service is on another level vs big box retailers. Prices are inline with online stores (plus the instant gratification aspect). So why buy your HiFi & A/V gear anywhere else?
Richard C from Glendale, CA

I finally decided to buy some proper equipment to listen to music. I moved to Los Angeles from Germany 2 years ago and, only having my computer desktop loudspeakers, started to be seriously music-deprived. While I am used to the serious high-end equipment of my dad, I am no way able to spend that kind of money. But I hoped I could find a store to sell me some quality 2-way system for what I can afford. I tried Monaco in Pasadena.

Well, I only can say: I was very lucky to find a place like this in my first attempt. They listened carefully to what I wanted and walked me through the possibilities. They didn’t spare any effort to play different combinations of loudspeakers and amplifiers for me. They gave real expert advice (I did a lot of reading afterwards, and everything they said turned out to be well reasoned), and when the system I liked most (Parasound P5 and A23, KEF R500, MIT SL3/5, very balanced for piano and voice) turned out to be too expensive, they helped out with selling to me the system on display for a substantial discount. They really helped me to realize my affordable dream stereo.

No need to emphasize that they have a large range of fantastic systems in their store to listen to anytime. Their home theater section also look breath-taking, although I am no expert in this. If you are interested in high-end audio this is definitely the store to visit. They deserve everybody’s business and will have mine soon again.

Gunther W Los Angeles

I highly recommend Monaco’s. I walked in just as they were closing, and yet they spent 30 – 45 min with me. I didn’t know much about audio equipment and they were very patient, answering all my questions, and showing me various amps and speakers. I don’t live in the area, so they worked with me over the phone once I got home to set me up with a GREAT amp, a power conditioner and various cables. I would shop there again in a heartbeat.
Maria M from Kilauea, HI

Monaco is amazing! For me, it is the customer service that means so much. I am just not a very technically savvy person. The people at Monaco were so patient and helpful teaching me how to use my system and when I screw something up or have a problem, of any kind, they are always available to help me. I just call, they walk me through it, and I’m back on track. They are the best!
Gail H from Newport Beach CA

I would also have to highly recommend Monaco AV Solution of Pasadena. I usually do NOT write reviews, but felt that Larry and his team is deserving of this review. I’ve dealt with Larry and Ian who are very knowledgeable of the products they offer. Larry was wiling to work within my budget to help me attain my system. I am HAPPILY listing to “Skylark” by Ella Fitzgerald on my Kef 700, Martin Logan Depth i, and Denon AVR-x4000. If you’re looking to build, expand or rebuild an AV system they are worth your time. Glad they’re local!
Van P from San Marino CA

I strongly recommend Monaco AV Solution Center. I had a very good experience buying a pair of speakers there. Larry and Nick were very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. I had a problem with one of the speakers and they quickly had the manufacturer send me a new pair; they take customer satisfaction very seriously. After receiving the new pair, I have been enjoying the speakers.
Richard G from Long Beach CA

If you are looking for the finest AV solutions available, look no further. I run my own business ( and hold professionals to the highest standards. I admit I am difficult to please, especially when it comes to AV. After having Monaco install a system at my home, which not only met, but exceeded my expectations, I had them install a very elaborate system at my new Pilates Academy (almost 10,000 square foot of gorgeous space with sound, digital displays and conferencing). Yesterday I finally succumbed to installing a Martin Logan center speaker after being “blown away” by their towers for the past 8 months. It is incredible, a work of art!!! Every time the Monaco team do work in my home or business, they are respectful, professional, and extremely talented. In my opinion, they are the BEST!
Rael I from Newport Beach CA

Purchased Kef R series speakers here. The place was still setting up when I visited. Larry and Ian is very knowledgeable about their products, as well as other brands they don’t carry. Delivery of products was prompt, as promised. They were a pleasure to deal with. Would definitely go back for future products to complete home theater system.
KCL from La Habra CA

This is the best Audio Visual company hands down! Q Lopez is a super genius!!!!!! I will and have recommended this company to everyone I know. The best!
Pam from Los Angeles CA

We found this company through Bose website and will continue to use Monaco for any upgrades or new products. Their customer service is fantastic. We had a surround-sound system and TV put in throughout our house and outdoors. We worked with Larry and he was excellent when it came to getting back to us for questions or troubleshooting. If we’ve had any problem that he couldn’t help us through over the phone, he’s able to get someone out to us right away. In 3 years we have only had 2 minor problems. The system works great and Larry understands what good customer service is all about.
Eric J from Huntington Beach

Larry and Allen personally delivered KEF R900 speakers this afternoon as soon as they received them in their store. They set up the speakers for me to my PeachTree GrandIntegrated x1. The speakers sounded wonderful. Larry and Allen tell me that after about 100 hours of the break in period R900 speakers should sound even better. They were professional about ordering, informing me about delivery, and setting up the speakers. I highly recommend Monaco Audio Video.
Samuel L from Pasadena, CA


 and growing more everyday

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Think MP3 Sucks? You May Just Be Listening Wrong

9 Computer wireless audio desktop KEF Peachtree Audio

By Dennis Burger, HD Living

I should probably confess something right off the bat. Although I consider myself an audiophile – someone who delights in the pure visceral thrill of high-fidelity sound reproduction, and who constantly strives for improvements in audio quality – I’m nonetheless a bit of a contrarian audiophile. I do love vinyl records for the tactile experience, the attention they demand, and the warm sound of a well-mastered LP, but I don’t think the format sounds inherently better than its digital counterparts. Just different. And although my audiophile card will undoubtedly be revoked for admitting this, a significant chunk of my music collection consists of MP3s, ripped with LAME at 256kbps (kilobits per second) variable bit rate (meaning that the encoder shoots for 256kbps, but can up the number of bits dedicated to more complicated passages in the music, if needed). And I would defy most listeners to distinguish those rips from the original CDs. So, suffice to say, I definitely don’t fit in with the “MP3 sucks!” crowd.

All that said, even I was shocked by a recent demonstration of Peachtree Audio’s decco65 Amplifier, conducted by “Ambassador of Awesome” Jonathan Derda. During the demonstration, which took place at a recent industry event in Chicago, Derda strapped a nice set of headphones to my noggin and queued up some tunes on his laptop, making it clear that I was listening to the computer’s direct audio output at first. It sounded okay enough. All the notes were there. The bass was a bit dull, the midrange a little muddy, and it certainly lacked a certain high-end sparkle, but it was on par with what most people general hear when listening to music via a computer.
3 KEF R100 Peachtree Decco65
Then he switched over to the decco65, and the music positively came alive. The notes themselves were much the same, but the space between them positively breathed with the sort of verisimilitude that elevates music listening to new levels of engagement. The bass was richer and more nuanced. The midrange was more distinct. The high end positively leapt out of my head into the room around me. It was the sort of experience that any audiophile – no matter how stodgy – would appreciate.

So I asked, “Is this a download from HDTracks?” – referring to a renowned online retailer that offers uncompressed digital music, many cuts of which I own, and many of which greatly exceed the resolution and dynamic range of CDs.
I could see the grin on Derda’s face expand as I asked the question. “It’s actually 128kbps MP3,” he said. That’s half the bit rate – twice the amount of compression – of what I typically consider to be acceptable. But the decco65 amp (which also serves triple duty as a digital-to-analog converter and excellent headphone amplifier, I might add) made that dinky little file sound like a studio master.

Needless to say, I wanted to know more about how this amazing little amplifier works, and also a bit more about Peachtree’s approach to digital sound reproduction in and around the home, and Derda was kind enough oblige.


Dennis Burger: The comparison between the standard computer DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and the DAC/headphone amp in your decco65 Amplifier was pretty staggering. Why didn’t you tell me ahead of time that I was listening to a 128kbps MP3, though? Why so tricksy?
Jonathan Derda: People tend to make presumptions about how something is going to sound before hearing it. I think most people presume that if I’m going to play some music through our high-quality equipment, it’s going to be a very high quality file, probably better than CD quality.
The thing is, that isn’t how most people listen to music these days. They’re listening to Pandora or Spotify or iTunes downloads. I want those people to know that they can get better sound without asking them to buy their entire music collection in high-res or to re-rip their CD collection in FLAC Level 8 with ExactAudioCopy. What better way to do that than to show that a great DAC can even make even lowly 128kbps MP3s a higher quality experience than what most people are used to?
Dennis Burger: Could you explain for our audience how and why a different digital-to-analog converter could generate such a different sound? Any system that plays an MP3 file (or CD, or any other digital format) has to convert the ones and zeros of the digital file to an analog signal before an amp can amplify it and we can listen to it. What makes one DAC different from another? Shouldn’t all of those ones and zeros in the digital source be converted to an analog signal in the same way no matter what DAC you’re using?
Jonathan Derda: When we talk about a DAC as a component, we’re really talking about not only the chip doing the processing, but also the potentially hundreds of parts that surround that chip to make it work. In terms of the DAC chip, we’ve found the way the DAC handles timing errors, or jitter, has a big impact on overall sound quality.
This is especially true with computers and media streamers. They aren’t built like high-end CD transports; they output digital signals with a lot more timing errors, which degrade audio quality. The higher the jitter, the more artificial your music sounds.


DAC chip manufacturers like ESS Technology, TI, Wolfson, etc., all have their own ways of eliminating jitter, and they all sound different. However, the biggest sonic difference is in the analog domain. Once the digital bits have been converted, they have to run through an analog output stage and that is where the DAC designer has to make some real tough choices in how the final component will sound.

Dennis Burger: So, would it be safe to say that you think the MP3 format is unfairly maligned, and that the poor performance most people hear from MP3s is a result of the gear they’re listening to, not the files themselves?
Jonathan Derda: Actually, I don’t think most people give any real thought to the the CODEC (MP3, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, etc.) that their music is delivered in, and the ones that do are usually more concerned with how much content they can fit onto their computer or smartphone hard drives than they are with sonic fidelity.
That bad reputation primarily exists in high-end audio circles. The thing is, though, MP3 isn’t always the weakest link in the chain; MP3 can actually sound surprisingly good when the right pieces fall into place.
Dennis Burger: So what, in your opinion, is the typical weakest link in the chain?
Jonathan Derda: Sonically speaking, the weakest link you can have is connecting your stereo system to the headphone jack of your computer or smart phone. The sound is distorted and wimpy due to the cheap digital-to-analog converters and anemic analog output stages that major consumer electronics companies use in those devices. It’s all about hitting a price point to do the job. Accessing a digital signal directly from your computer lets you bypass those cheap internal components and allows you to connect to a proper external DAC that has been purpose built to deliver great sound.
Dennis Burger: So, you’re advocating using the computer as the primary source of music?
Jonathan Derda: It’s not so much advocating as it is accepting the reality of how most people listen to music. Over 75% of Peachtree’s customers have said that their main source of music is their computer. That’s staggering until you look at the Nielsen numbers. Last year, paid digital music downloads surpassed physical media sales in gross revenue, and that doesn’t take into account streaming services. Once you factor in YouTube streams … physical media isn’t even close. YouTube, Pandora, and iTunes are what the general population use to listen to music and our job is to make that experience as good as possible.
Unlike systems our industry installed in the past, the living room is no longer the nucleus of in-home entertainment. For Peachtree customers, the new nucleus is the computer in their home office, and that is where they are listening to music.
Dennis Burger: But what about those of us who still prefer to listen in the living room or home theater?
Jonathan Derda: We recommend using a dedicated computer in the living room to act as a music server. A Mac Mini connected to a good DAC, combined with an iPad running Apple’s free Remote app, is a way better solution than the proprietary music servers being sold just a few years ago.
The benefit of a dedicated computer is that it can virtually do anything. Even the best media streamers have some content limitations, whether it’s support for only a few services or a limitation in the resolution it can play back. You won’t run into that with a computer. The biggest drawback of this approach, though, is that it isn’t a turnkey solution. You have to have some knowledge and time to put all the pieces together and get the software working the way you want it to.
Dennis Burger: Which sounds like the perfect job for a home technology specialist.
Jonathan Derda: Absolutely. We have a search tool on the Peachtree Audio website that allows consumers to quickly and easily find their local authorized dealer or dealers, any of whom can help them pick the right components and make sure everything is configured correctly for the best audio performance possible, no matter the source. Even if it’s lowly MP3s!

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Dynaudio Excite X34 & Excite X14 Review Available at Monaco AV, Pasadena

Dynaudio New Excite Reviews

absolute sound

Dynaudio Excite X34
“The Excite X34 is one versatile little number that was willing and able to get down and party with the best of them. With few exceptions, it touches all the musical bases and does so with a footprint no bigger than an average-size compact—food for thought monitor- fans. An authentic crowd pleaser in the most musical sense.” Neil Gader, the Absolute Sound, March 26th 2014
For complete Dynaudio Excite X34 review, please click here

Hifi Pig

Dynaudio Excite X14
The online magazine Hifi Pig, first address for “snoofling out what’s hot in hifi” reviewed the new Excite X14. Reviewer and music enthusiast Jerry was impressed:

“Bass… the X14 are surprisingly full range for their size. I played James Blakes There’s a Limit to your Love expecting a lightweight rendition that failed to even begin to capture the depth and power of that bass-line – wrong! I couldn’t help but chuckle as these tiny speakers filled the room with deep vibrant low frequencies.”

The Excite X14 received the “Hifi Pig Recommended” award.

For complete Dynaudio Excite X14 review, click here

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What do you get when you combine the two best audio products ever made? Killer Sound System!

What do you get when you combine the BEST small speakers ever made and BEST tube Integrated Amp ever made?
You will get yourself a KILLER sound system, the sound that involve you with music, you will hear ALL THE DETAILS, BIG SOUNDSTAGE and UNBELIEVABLE DYNAMIC


This is what the expert has to say:
“It is rare to find a loudspeaker that offers this combination of clarity and neutrality” Stereophile on KEF LS50. For full review, click here

“In my listening tests, it . . . gave high-end references more than a run for their money.” Stereophile on Primaluna Premium Integrated Amp. For full review, click here

Best of all, this is a real world system that anyone can afford (under $3899.99), take it home, plug it in, and enjoy your music. Now anyone can stop auditioning those NON SENSE system and start enjoying your music.

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ls50_whathifi_award_Monaco AV Authorized KEf dealer


Instantly streams music wirelessly or wired from Apple® devices to a Crestron audio distribution system— from any room in the house.

Crestron Apple Airplay Music Solution Home Automation Monaco AVThe Network Stream Player (CEN-NSP-1) instantly streams music wirelessly or wired from Apple® devices to a Crestron audio distribution system— from any room in the house. Streaming for the whole family

The Network Stream Player gives each member of your family complete audio freedom. Easy to use, the player provides both wired and wireless options for streaming music from iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad® to a Crestron audio distribution system. Access all your iTunes® music while controlling the listening experience with a Crestron app or touch screen. Get all the joys of wireless music without having to access a separate system. The all-in-one streaming solution you’ve been waiting for is here.

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Stream Apple with CrestronWireless streaming using AirPlay
Use AirPlay® to instantly connect to your own dedicated Network Stream Player. With one touch, turn on your home audio system, and start enjoying your favorite music. When integrated with a whole house audio system, such as Sonnex®, you can use the Crestron app (or a Crestron touch screen) to direct your music to any room or every room in the house. This opens the door to literally every single Internet radio service with an iOS® app.

Plug in via USB
In addition to wireless AirPlay connectivity, the Network Stream Player enables connecting an iPhone or iPod to a player via USB 2.0 using any Apple dock and/or cable. Wired connectivity opens up a world of possibilities with Crestron contrcen_nsp_1ol and Apple services,



including seamless integration with iCloud® and iTunes Match®. One great application is an iPod touch® connected to each CEN-NSP-1, hidden in a rack, syncing to iCloud via Wi-Fi®. Now, your other iOS devices are free for personal use while listening to iTunes music. Use the phone or tablet instead for texting, emailing, browsing the Internet, playing games, or taking photos.

Browse, search, and select among songs, albums, artists, and playlists from either the Crestron app on a personal device or Crestron touch screens. Since the content is on the wired device in the rack, you don’t have to carry around your personal device if you don’t want to, and the music never “drops out” due to inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity or when the phone rings. Try that with a wireless bridge!

Crestron Apple Airplay Touch ScreenPerhaps the most powerful benefit of wired USB connectivity is seamless integration with Apple services. Each iPod touch connected to a Network Stream Player should be setup as normal with an Apple ID and an iCloud and iTunes Match account. Then, whenever someone makes changes to their iTunes library, those changes show up on all devices on their account, including any Crestron touch screens. Create playlists and download content on vacation or on a business trip; when you get home, it’s all there on the touch screens. Rip a CD on your home computer or laptop – it’s all there, everywhere. Delete songs on your iPad – all gone from your Crestron system too.


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Sonos & URC Home Automation

URC_Sonos_Sales_Flyer-1URC Total Control Home Automation & SONOS Demo using Apple iPhone or iPad. It is also compatible with certain Android phones/ tablets.  Perfect for whole house audio/music system.

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Monaco Audio Video is one stop shop specializes in home theater, stereo system, home automation, lighting control, Security & CCTV Surveillance and custom installation & integration. We serve customers from Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, Glendale, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Los Angeles, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brea, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Irvine, and Newport Beach

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Krell Foundation Upgrade; The Best Just Getting Better!

Krell Foundation Monaco AV Authorized DealerWe are excited to announce the addition of DSD decoding to the Foundation processor. The DSD decoding firmware supports stereo and multichannel recordings via any of the 10 HDMI inputs. Playback options include DSD 2-ch Direct, DSD Stereo, and DSD Multi modes. DSD 2-ch Direct converts a stereo DSD signal to analog and directly passes it to the left and right analog outputs. DSD Stereo first applies any left and right channel crossover configured in the Foundation menu, converts the signal to analog, and then sends it to the left and right outputs. DSD Multi supports multichannel DSD recordings and utilizes all crossovers configured in the Foundation menu. There is no configuration required as the Foundation automatically recognizes a DSD signal and defaults to the last used DSD mode for playback. Pressing the mode button on the remote control or web server interface will cycle through all three DSD modes.

All existing Foundation processors can be upgraded to DSD decoding but have to be returned to Krell for this additional feature. There is no charge for this upgrade other than shipping. Please contact us to set up your Foundation upgrade

For those interested in the Foundation 4K upgrade coming later this summer, there is still availability on this limited offer. The DSD decoding capability will be added as part of the Foundation 4K upgrade. Details of the Foundation 4K upgrade are below.

The new Foundation 4K will have a retail of $7,500. Upgrades to the Foundation 4K will have regular price of $2,500.

Special offer: We are offering a special price of $1,000 to the first 250 Foundation customers who sign up and prepay for the upgrade. Price includes free return ground shipping in the US. Upgrades will be performed at Krell starting this summer and will be completed in the order received.

Extra Bonus: Customers purchasing the Foundation 4K upgrade will also receive a coupon for 10% savings on the purchase of a Chorus 5200 or Chorus 7200 power amplifier at Monaco AV, a Krell Authorized Dealer.

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Monaco Audio Video is one stop shop specializes in home theater, stereo system, home automation, lighting control, whole house WiFi, and custom installation. We serve customers from Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Los Angeles, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brea, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Irvine, and Newport Beach
Special No Interest Financing (up to 36 months) is available when you use your Monaco card

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NEW Peachtree Nova65SE & Nova125SE IN STOCK

Buy computer Audio

Peachtree Nova65SE

nova65SE – Musical Performance in the Real World
• Powerful amplification: 65 watts per channel 8Ω, 95 watts per channel 4Ω.
• High-resolution 24-bit/192kHz DAC with upsampling and reclocking to minimize jitter
• 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio
• Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos Connect and Apple TV
• Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player
• Audiophile headphone amplifier for high performance headphones
• Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

Compare the nova65SE to other novaSE models here

The nova65SE is an integrated amplifier, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity make it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality.
With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound.
Pride of Ownership
The nova65SE has a timeless industrial design that fits naturally in the home. The wood cabinet is sourced from sustainable resources and is available in three premium finishes: rosewood, high gloss black, and cherry. The front panel is made from six-millimeter thick bead blasted aluminum with a soft cool gray finish. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.
Peachtree finishes-labels-shadow

Powerful Amplification
Peachtree amplifiers are rated “all channels driven” from 20Hz to 20kHz (full bandwidth of human hearing) to provide real world power ratings. Featuring an amplifier that delivers up to 95 watts per channel (4Ω), the nova65SE is the perfect partner for efficient speakers, near-field desktop systems and for listeners that value quality over quantity of sound.
If your listening habits or speakers require more power to sound their best, check out the even more powerful nova125SE and nova220SE.

Optional BT1 APT-X Bluetooth Music Receiver
The new Peachtree Audio BT1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is the easiest way to bridge your phone or tablet to your Peachtree system. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can stream audio from all of your favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, TuneIn Radio and more. The BT1 is designed to work perfectly and easily with your Peachtree Audio SE series integrated amplifier. Coming July 2014.

Amarra works with your existing iTunes library and makes the music you love sound better than ever. All Amarra products are designed to optimize the handling and processing of digital audio in your Mac. For more information on the Amarra music player visit the Sonic Studio website.

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Monaco Audio Video is one stop shop specializes in home theater, stereo system, home automation, lighting control, whole house WiFi, and custom installation. We serve customers from Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Los Angeles, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brea, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Irvine, and Newport Beach
Special No Interest Financing (up to 36 months) is available when you use your Monaco card