When we at MONACO® assemble an A/V system there are several factors that determine how we proceed.  As we have basic, entry level systems all the way up to OMG! Systems, evaluating each customer needs are paramount. By asking the right questions ahead of product recommendations we can figure out how the right system for you to yield the Real Entertainment™ Experience that we’re known for.

Once we’ve asked about budgetary considerations, room size, expectations of picture size and the environment of the room we’ll make our recommendations of video components. After that, we figure out (based on the customer desires/needs) the integration of the audio portion of the theater.

We have standard (Floor standing, bookshelf and mini/ satellite, In- wall/ceiling and completely Invisible speakers, so that whatever vision you have for the room we’ll be able to accommodate you. A speaker system that pleases your EARS is the most important factor for full enjoyment, and again, that Real Entertainment™.

The electronics components such as the A/V Receiver or amp that we have to offer will  be able to power up the room/s with enough power to be able to enjoy both high and low volume levels with no loss of clarity at any sound levels. From Denon®/ Marantz® surround receivers to Parasound, Krell® separate components (including the wonderful warmth of Primaluna® vacuum tubes) we have all the quality equipment that our customers require.

The really great thing about our times is that we now have the tools & technology to then make your system easy and intuitive to use. There’s nothing worse than getting all this great equipment and not be able to work it simply, and we can set that up for you. That coffee table with all those remotes can be cleared off and you’ll be left with a single hand held remote either from Crestron® or URC®, or an app on some type of device (Apple® iPhone, iPad or Android®) to access your new system that will be programmed to what YOU need to happen for your convenience.

The really cool part of our Control Systems is that most of the automation can be expanded to include whole house music, shades & lights and environmental controls. All you need to do is but ask, and we’ll be able to integrate this all to your needs. Of course if you’re using the talents of an Interior Designer, we’ll be able to accommodate their vision so that all works and is suitable for the look and feel of the room that you have envisioned. MONACO® is a proud member of American Society of Interior Designer (ASID) Industry Partner.

Again, we’ll not just sell and install your equipments, but we’ll be integrating all the functions CORRECTLY, to make sure your worry free enjoyment of everything that is now a part of your home.

Totem Tribe III speaker with Sony 4K XBR, BDI cabinet from Pasadena home theater store, MONACO, TOTEM AUTHORIZED DEALER

Krell and Martin Logan Home Theater in Monaco Audio Video Pasadena