Meet Larry Weiss,
Monaco AV Founder

Starting out in early age, Larry Weiss has long been passionate about audio, video and technology. In the nineties, he joined the largest west coast electronic chain, the Good Guys®. While at Good Guys®, Mr. Weiss was always one of the top producing sales consultant in the entire chain and always the number one sales consultant in the Pasadena, CA store due to his in depth knowledge and love for the technology. Because of his dedication to world class customer service, his personal clientele grew tremendously and he became one of the youngest in the company to achieve Million Dollar Club. He is the recipient of the Bronze Award from Monster Cable® in 2003. At Good Guys®, he developed a mentor program to coach new sales consultants.

Mr. Weiss founded Monaco Entertainment Solutions, Inc. in 2005 and has built it into a highly successful enterprise. Monaco Entertainment is an audio, video, engineering and integration company with an office in Newport Beach; CA. Monaco Entertainment Solutions continues to grow every year. The key success of MONACO® has always been attributed to Mr. Weiss’s simple business philosophy “treat people the way you want to be treated”. Since the founding of Monaco Entertainment Solutions he has secured many partnerships with prominent vendors such as Crestron®, Bose®, Krell®, Sony®, KEF®, Parasound® and more. To business associates, Mr. Weiss has always been known as a visionary, a strong motivator and a team leader.

Larry Weiss graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle WA with degree in Industrial Engineering and Digital Media Certified Engineer (DMC-E) from Crestron Technical Institute, Cypress CA. He has a passion for teaching and coaching. He is also a major supporter of digital technology.


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