Is Buying from a TRUE Authorized Dealer (Factory Direct Dealer) Really that Big of a Deal? If you ask us or someone that has been burned with NON Authorized Dealer or Quasi Authorized Dealer, it is a huge deal if not it is the most important aspect of buying electronics. If you purchase a product from someone or a company who is NOT an authorized dealer you WILL NOT get warranty, period! No matter what they say, they cannot provide any manufacturer’s warranty.

Individuals selling these types of items are almost always selling “B Stock” items or those that have been refurbished and trying to sell as new. These are items that the company has deemed not good enough to send to an Authorized Dealer. There is a reason there is a deep discount, some of them are even below our Dealer wholesale price. The chances of one of these types of products breaking is far greater than that of the “A Stock” highest quality products we offer. Couple that with no warranty and you are maximizing your risk.

What does no warranty mean? It means that if anything were to happen you are on your own. Every penny it costs to get fixed will come out of your pocket. By the time you pay to get it fixed, have to buy a new one or both, you will end up spending more money and certainly more time than if you had purchased a legitimate product from the TRUE Authorized Dealer in the first place.

Need proof? Call any of the companies directly and see what they say. They usually have it hidden somewhere over their warranty page about unauthorized selling. is a TRUE Authorized Dealer for all the products they sell, however many Amazon Marketplace sellers are not. The best way is to check the manufacturers’ website for list of Authorized Online Dealer.

Also, individuals or companies that purchase their products through Electronic Distributors also are not a TRUE Authorized Dealer.  All warranty related issues needs to be handled thru the Electronic Distributor. They are the TRUE FULL Authorized Dealer, not the individual or company that selling the products to you. The best is to check the manufacturers’ website for list of Authorized Dealer or see the shipping label on the box itself. If the box doesn’t say the individual or company name you are purchasing the products from, they are not the TRUE FULL Authorized Dealer. No matter what they say.

Why go into detail about this? The reason for this warning and advice is to save well meaning customers from nightmares and lost money, things we have seen far too many times. Plus, regardless where you are getting your products from, you will still need to PAY with your hard-earned money.  It is NOT FREE!

If the only hesitation for you from buying it from an Authorized Dealer is the price, most of Authorized Dealers have price match policy. MONACO® has a price match policy before and after the purchase.

We just like you to enjoy your new entertainment products without having to worry about when something may happen.    We would like to earn your business and trust in every possible way, however in case you choose some else, please save yourself the headache and ONLY deal with the TRUE AUTHORIZED DEALER.

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