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Installation vs Integration

Knowing the difference between Installation and Integration can certainly help you in creating successful AV project. Certification wall from Crestron, URC, Krell, ISF, ASID, Denon and more. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary: Basic definition of Installation: The act or process of making a machine, a service, etc., ready to be used in a certain place The act of installing something A ceremony in which someone is put in

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Real A/V System

When we at MONACO® assemble an A/V system there are several factors that determine how we proceed.  As we have basic, entry level systems all the way up to OMG! Systems, evaluating each customer needs are paramount. By asking the right questions ahead of product recommendations we can figure out how the right system for you to yield the Real Entertainment™ Experience that we're known for. Once we've asked

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We Partner With The Best Of The Best

It has been said that you’re judged by the company you keep. We’re choosy when it comes to our partners. We won’t settle for second best and you shouldn’t either.


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