Wireless Music System

With the speed of internet becoming faster than ever, now you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs and artist effortlessly throughout the whole house.  Internet radio such as Pandora®, Slacker®, Spotify® or recently launch iTunes® Radio are replacing the conventional AM/FM. Come to check out either the Sonos® or Bose® Sound Touch™. We have the best solutions in wireless music.

Sonos® and Bose® offers a line of products that can facilitate running music throughout your home. These products eliminate the need for construction and in most cases you can set it up yourself very easily.

This type of technology allows you to access your music or video library and stream them throughout the house using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks. Both systems can be controlled right from your Apple® iPad, iPhone or Samsung® Android™  with a free App. Gone is the clutter of CDs or the indecision since these apps provide a jukebox mode.  You can also select your favorite internet radio station from any country worldwide and connect with your roots!

Here are the solutions from Sonos®:

 Here are the solutions from BOSE®

Let us show you how easy it is to bring this exciting technology home.
PS- It’s very affordable.

Wireless Music System

MONACO® has the best selection of wireless music system ranging from SONOS® PLAY5, PLAY3, PLAY1, PLAYBAR, SONOS SUB and Bose® SoundTouch™ 30, SoundTouch™20, SoundTouch™ Portable.