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Meet The Staff

Sales Consultants

Ian Barondess

Ian Barondess has been in the specialty AV world since 1973 (at: Pacific Stereo, Federated Group, Circuit City, Ken Crane’s in Pasadena, Magnolia® AV and now at MONACO® Audio Video), and has seen the progression from the  basic audio systems of the 70’s all the way up to the current Home Theater and Automation explosion.

Over the past four decades he’s helped people get into their Music and Movies selling brands such as Bose®, Klipsch®, Sony®, Denon®, B&W®, Martin Logan®, KEF®, Krell®, PrimaLuna® and many more. At each point in time he’s been able to optimize his clients’ needs at whatever level they professed interest in.

With the current wave of Digital Entertainment sources, he’s been able to educate his customers as to how they can take advantage of this new media from both an audio and video standpoint. Enjoyment without complexity is the only way to fully appreciate everything that’s available currently.
Making it all simple to work, from basic to full Home Automation, makes for an incredible entertainment / lifestyle experience. Always looking for a new way to accomplish this for his clients, he takes continuing education at all levels of the AV and automation world with certification for all.
By doing all this he’s had customers following him from his various locations to continue to get the world class service he has been giving for 40+ years.
Please come to MONACO® Audio Video Solution Center™ store to take advantage of his years of experience in satisfying all your electronic needs.

Meet Ian, Audio Video expert in Pasadena, 40 years experience, trust experience, trust MONACO for your project & AV purchase

Allen Lopez

An audio/video professional and enthusiast for over 3 decades he has worked for companies like Pacific Stereo, Circuit City, Federated group and Rogersoundlabs. He has a solid background in audio and video design. Starting in entry level positions like warehouse to sales and management.   He will be able to guide you from the best money can buy to the best that will fit your budget! Allen is also an enthusiast and enjoys music, movies and products that reproduce it. As a MONACO® team member he is driven to provide the best service and knowledge about the best and most current in Audio and Video.

Meet Allen, digital audio and home automation specialist, 20+ years experience, serving customers from Pasadena, Los Angeles