HiFi Stereo Music System

Who said Stereo is dead? In fact, the HiFi Stereo system is more popular than ever. It’s just gone to Digital from Analog, thanks to the iTunes explosion!

It doesn’t matter where you get your music from, whether you listen your music from iTunes, Pandora®, Slacker®, Spotify®, or just regular CD, or better yet High Resolution Audio, we always have the solutions for you. 

Are you Critical listener or a true music lover? Let us introduce you to acclaimed products such as:

We can offer the best combination of speakers, amplifiers and preamps to meet your high standards. Let us prove to you that 2- channel stereo is not dead and still very sexy.

speakers, amplifiers and preamps

MONACO® 2 channel music set up ranging from Martin Logan® Electromotion, Theos, Montis, KEF®LS50, R700, R500, Krell® S550i

speakers, amplifiers and preamps

KEF® Blade during our Audio Video Exposition November 2013

Monaco associate explain how system works in Pasadena home theater store, serving Los Angeles, La Canada, San Marino, Arcadia