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Why we love Bose:  From day one, Bose has always been committed to bring Real Entertainment for homes. From the famous Wave Radio® to the famous Lifestyle® system.  We are also a premium Bose® BUILT-Invisible® dealer. What that means is we have a very special and unique Bose® products and solutions. For instance, if you like your front left and right Jewel Cube in black, Center in White, surround in Jewel Cube In- Wall and Acoustimas® sub in the ceiling, we can provide you with those combinations.


TV Speakers
Bose TV Speakers
Simplified Home Theatre
CineMate® 1 SR home theater speaker system
Speakers to pair with your receiver
Acoustimass® 6 speaker system
Home Theatre for HDTV
Lifestyle® 135 Series II home entertainment system
HDTV with build in Home Theatre
VideoWave® III entertainment system