Desktop Systems

Do you just need a desktop system for an office or dorm? Want to join the digital age?
We offer specialized products just for that purpose. These systems can connect to your laptop or desktop computers. From self-powered speakers to integrated amplifiers with built in Digital to Analog Converters, these systems will open up a whole new experience without giving up much real-estate. We offer products from:

Let us show you how to squeeze the best sound out of your music collection and organize them so you can spend time listening to music and not rummaging through a stack of content!  Get musical content off the Web such as Internet Radio (ex: Pandora®, Jango®, Spotify®), YouTube ®or other download services (ex: iTunes, HD Tracks) currently available. Another benefit is that you can expand your system over time instead of having to replace it to upgrade.   If you have music now in your computer, let us show you how to get better than CD quality out of your Apple® iTunes or Windows® Media.

Desktop Systems

KEF® award winning X300A with Apple® iTunes set up

Peachtree and KEF

Computer audio by Peachtree and KEF in Monaco Stereo store in Pasadena, serving Los Angeles, La Canada, Arcadia, San Marino

KEF R100 & Peachtree Decco65

KEF R100 & Peachtree Decco65 desktop audio system available at MONACO Pasadena

Desktop Systems

KEF R300 in Rosewood & Peachtree Nova125 with Sonos Connect