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In 2006, we created a partnership with Crestron Electronics, the biggest and the most trusted name in the industry.
Our strong partnership with Crestron® enables us to provide our customers a complete home technology solution for home theater, whole house audio & video, lighting and climate control, security & surveillance and luxury & comfort.

Who said Stereo is dead? In fact, the HiFi Stereo system is more popular than ever. It’s just gone to Digital from Analog, thanks to the iTunes explosion!

It doesn’t matter where you get your music from, whether you listen to  your music from iTunes, Pandora®, Slacker®, Spotify®, Deezer or just a regular CD, or better yet High Resolution Audio, we always have the solution for you.

Are you a Critical listener or a true music lover? Let us introduce you to acclaimed products such as:

  • KEF® – Legendary Sound Innovators in Speaker Technology providing smooth and studio accurate music reproduction.  With the award winning products such as KEF® LS50, R Series and Blade, you definitely want give them some audition.
  • Krell®-Leaders in Audio Engineering and unparalleled Amplifier technology allowing all of the dynamics to come alive in your room SUPER clean and NATURAL, especially with the new Krell® IBias™ Class A amplifier.
  • Parasound®-Products used by industry experts! (Lucas Films, PIXAR, Oliver Stone, etc…)
  • MIT Cables®- It’s the difference between an audio/video cable and an audio/video interface. Unlock the true capabilities of that great equipment you just bought.
  • Klipsch®-Horn Speaker legends providing high efficiency, great sound and cosmetic excellence to fill your large space with great sound.

We can offer the best combination of speakers, amplifiers and pre-amps to meet your high standards. Let us prove to you that 2- channel stereo is not dead and still very sexy.

With the speed of internet becoming faster than ever, now you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs and artist effortlessly throughout the whole house.  Internet radio such as Pandora®, Slacker®, Spotify® or Apple Music are replacing the conventional AM/FM or CD. Come to check out either the Sonos® or Heos®. We have the best solutions in wireless music.

This type of technology allows you to access your music or video library and stream them throughout the house using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks. Both systems can be controlled right from your Apple® iPad, iPhone or Samsung® Android™  with a free App. Gone is the clutter of CDs or the indecision since these apps provide a jukebox mode.  You can also select your favorite internet radio station from any country worldwide and connect with your roots!

Sonos® and Heos ® offers a line of products that can facilitate running music throughout your home. These products eliminate the need for construction and in most cases you can set it up yourself very easily.

A Theater at home is unique for everyone, every home. It is a place where your entire family can be entertained and experience the magic and passion that Hollywood brings us. For sports fans, it is the closest thing to live sporting events!

Imagine in one tap on the “Start Movie” button on your Crestron® Touch-Panel, you automatically dim the lights, draw the drapes, as well as lower the screen and projector from the ceiling, while the movie you’ve selected from the your BluRay starts to play!
Now, better than ever, you can even stream or download your favorite movies instantly from various services, such as DirectTV on demand, AppleTV, Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix, Disney Plus and more.

Check out our Family Room & Dedicated Home Theater ideas galleries

Our goal is always to bring you closer to the REAL ENTERTAINMENT
Our philosophy to build a Real Entertainment:
1. The system has to be easy to use
2. The system has to perform well
3. The system has to be an exceptional value

Below are some of the packages that we offer, of course they can be CUSTOMIZED to fit your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Whole House Video

When you have multiple TV’s throughout your  home ( or in the back yard ) and there  are some people who want to watch cable or satellite, and some who want a AppleTV or other media.  Crestron® Digital Media™ takes the complexity away and gives you the option of either HDMI or fiber optic distribution of your various video sources.  Integrating media servers like AppleTV® are a cinch for MONACO® to implement.  Small or large residences will appreciate the convenience that this can give.

Whole House Audio

Having the capability of listening to the music of your choice all over your home inside and out can be incredibly enjoyable and easy to use. Companies like Bose®, Sonos® or Heos® have designed products that can be placed where you need them with good sound quality throughout. They can be controlled with a smart phone or tablet, and in the case of the Bose®, with its own remote control. Also you can have an integrated sound distribution system comprising of in-ceiling, in-wall, or invisible speakers. This would give you the capability of not only having both the  smart phone  like  Apple® iPhone or Android™or a dedicated remote option, as well as more flexibility all over the home. Both the Crestron® and URC® brands will give you the capability to not only listen everywhere, but also expand into true home automation systems as well. All of the products MONACO® carries are an exceptional value and will give you the best buy in every category we have.

For all of your backyard enthusiasts who love to spend time in the comfort of their own home, an outdoor landscape sound system is certainly the option for you! Imagine installing an outdoor luxury audio system, that is positioned around your large patio-seating area, where everyone likes to kick back and relax, enjoying the patio area in a bubble of music that you can hear clearly (even in different weather conditions). The point in having the outdoor system is to enjoy music whether you are standing outside grilling hamburgers, sipping lemonade and getting some sun, or soaking in the hot tub at night and having some soft background music accompany you. This can help you achieve all of the above, and more!

To start, buying the right weather-protected speakers is extremely important. If you want them to last longer than a year, buying specific speakers that are built to withstand most weather conditions helps to ensure the longevity of your outdoor audio system. The type of outdoor speakers currently available includes traditional outdoor, landscape 2-way speakers, or if you are looking for something that blends in a little better with your backyard and is hidden from view, there are several speakers that are now designed as planters, rocks, and even benches. What’s convenient about our Landscape Solution is that you can rest assured that your speakers will be protected and your money well spent.


Monaco AV Offers 5 Custom Packaged Solutions

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Silver Level

Our most popular package
Major components:

  • Sony or Samsung LED HDTV up 75 inch
  • Premium bookshelf surround system (In Wall/ In Ceiling versions are available)
  • Step up Denon or Marantz Premium A/V Receiver
  • URC one touch button universal remote control
  • System wired by Monster Cable
  • Custom Installation and Integration

Perfect for: small family room and media room


Gold Level

The best value in the home entertainment and still providing you with the real experience.
Major components:

  • Sony or Samsung 4K UHD 3D LED TV up 85 inch
  • Premium floor standing surround system (In Wall/ In Ceiling versions are available)
  • Parasound THX Ultra2 amplification
  • Crestron one touch button universal remote control
  • System wired by Monster Cable & MIT
  • Custom Installation and Integration

Perfect for: medium size family room and media room


Platinum Level:

If you want to get the real experience
Major components:

  • Sony ES Premium projection system
  • Premium floor standing surround system (In Wall/ In Ceiling versions are available)
  • Krell or Parasound amplification
  • Crestron one touch button universal remote control
  • System wired by MIT SL Matrix
  • Custom Installation and Integration

Perfect for: large size family room and media room


Diamond Level

If only the best will do and the most realistic performance. When you want to hear every piece of the actions,  only the full professional level theater solutions that will satisfy you. Anything less, you still be searching and wondering what’s out there. This is the REAL ENTERTAINMENT.
Major components:

  • Premium 4K projection system
  • Professional Grade Processor
  • Professional Grade Amplification
  • Professional Grade Speakers Crestron one touch button universal touch panel
  • System wired by MIT Reference
  • Custom Installation and Integration
  • Perfect for: Large size family room and media room, large size dedicated home theater
  • Private in home audition available
  • First class factory tour and audition available

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