From Richard Schram, Parasound Products President
September 15, 2014parasound_logo_Monaco_AV_Parasound_Dealer_Pasadena_Los_Angeles

Speaker Manufacturers Use Parasound
Most of you know that many of the finest speaker manufacturers use Parasound amplifiers and preamplifiers for product development. Here are two current examples:

Martin Logan
Martin Logan is among the high performance speaker manufacturers that has owned Parasound amplifiers and preamplifiers for more than 10 years.
My friends Pete Soderberg and Dennis Chern work for Martin Logan. On Saturday afternoon during the CEDIA show they escorted me to the MartinLogan exhibit to see their new $80,000 Neoliths.
These speakers are absolutely stunning and the engineering behind them is a tour de force.
You’re probably asking yourself “What does this have to do with Parasound?”
Simply this: As I started to walk back to Parasound’s exhibit Pete said “By the way, all of the engineering development on the Neolith was done with an A 23.”
For this important task they chose a Parasound amplifier that’s > 80 times less than the price of the speakers.Martin-Logan-Neolith-speakers-Martin-Logan-Dealer-Monaco-Audio-Video-Home-Theater

KEF is also among the high performance speaker manufacturers that owns Parasound amplifiers and preamplifiers.
KEF has chosen the upcoming New York Audio Show for the USA debut of their beautiful new $24,000 Blade II and $18,000 Reference 5 speakers.
This is an important product introduction for KEF and their new models must absolutely sound their very best.
That’s why KEF has chosen Parasound for the introduction of their new models – again: a JC 2, CD 1 and two JC 1s to drive the Blade IIs and a P 7 and A 21 to drive the Reference 5s.KEF Reference Monaco Av Authorized KEF Reference Dealer

Just a gentle reminder, Parasound has always been professional choice for over 30 years.

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