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Many of you guys have asked us for the past 11 years about Wireless Home Theater speakers.  We have said that we didn’t have the technology yet or the quality was not there yet. Finally, we are excited to tell you that FINALLY we do have the technology and they are awesome. Let us introduce you to the new Klipsch Reference HD Wireless!

10 Reasons To Get Reference Premiere HD Wireless

The Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers represent a new era for both Klipsch and the audio industry as a whole.

For many people, the introduction of these unique speakers mean a long overdue goodbye to annoyances like complicated AV receivers, processors/amplifiers and speaker wires.

Oh and don’t you worry. Our new HD Wireless speakers will maintain the same legendary acoustic standards Klipsch has always had and perhaps even push them further.

A few months ago, almost every Klipsch employee was treated to a 2.0 demo with the RP-440WF tower speakers and it blew people away. Many left the room commenting that it was pound-for-pound the best demo they had ever heard while working at Klipsch.

We are positive that once you hear these speakers, you will be baffled by what our engineers have done. Once you put them in your home, you won’t believe how quickly they’re ready to rock.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should get Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers.

1. No More AVR RP-HD-Wireless-HD-Control-Center-Lifestyle-2 Monaco AV -social

Seriously. No more clunky and complicated black boxes cluttering up your media console. The HD Control Center has all of the connections you need like HDMI for your external devices like an XBOX or Blu-Ray player. All of the amplification is built right into the speakers.

In the coming years, WiSA technology will be built right into your televisions and homes. Welcome to the future.

2. Plug and Play

We’re betting that most of you could setup a 5.1 HD Wireless system in less than 5 minutes. (We say 15 minutes, but we know you guys are clever.) It’s stupid-easy. You simply plug the speakers in an outlet, set their position by pressing a button on the back of the speaker and follow the instructions on the screen. Boom. Done.

3. Ultra-High Resolution Wireless Sound

We know that when many long-time Klipsch fans hear the term “wireless,” they get a little scared. After all, an HD Wireless system receives up to 24 bit/192kHz and transmits 24 bit/96kHz.

4.High-End Audio

These aren’t just amazing wireless speakers. These are amazing speakers. Period.

These true high-end speakers have audio signals that reside in the digital-domain for the entire audio path. This means that HD Wireless speakers offer accurate phase and frequency response, resulting in superb sound staging realism and depth of image. This makes musical realism precise and holographic like you would expect from our finest passive speakers.RP-HD-Wireless-RP-140WM-Lifestyle-3Monaco AV Klipsch dealer-social

5.Custom-Engineered Drivers and Amplifiers

The great thing about powered speakers is that they give our engineering team greater control over the sound since they are not relying on another company’s AVR. And, boy, did our engineering team really outdo themselves this time!

State-of-the-art drivers and amplifiers are tuned to deliver dynamic range and impact, true to the legend of the Klipsch brand. Whether you’re rocking a 2.0 or a 7.2 HD Wireless system, you are going to be stunned by the sound they create.


You can have 2.0 HD Wireless system and keep adding speakers all the way up to 7.2 system – and everything in between. So, whether you are limited by space, the number of speakers your partner allows, apartment living or whatever, there is a HD Wireless system configuration that is right for you.

7. Balanced Out of the Box

Each HD Wireless system comes acoustically balanced right out of the box. You won’t have to fiddle around with calibration to get great sound.Klipsch RP-440WF & RP-440WC & RP-110WSW wireless home theater

8. Future-Proof

It’s scary to pay a lot for electronics. After all, our phones are dinosaurs after a year or two. Speakers shouldn’t be this way.

Once you register your HD Wireless system at http://www.klipsch.com/register/rp-hd-wireless, we will send you free firmware upgrades. This means that your system is going to improve as you add to it!

9. Slim ProfileMonaco AV Pasadena Los Angeles RP-HD-Wireless-RP-440WF-Lifestyle-1-social

Here at Klipsch, we love BIG speakers. Speakers that are almost as tall as you are. Of course, some of you (or your spouse) do not want giant speakers as the focal point of your living room. We get it. Each HD Wireless speaker, whether it be the RP-440WF, RP-140WM, RP-440WC and RP-110SW, is elegantly designed while still being able to deliver room-rattling sound.

10. Copper and Black

There’s just something about that copper and back look that is synonymous with Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere lines, isn’t there? With the new HD Wireless speakers, you very well may be able to buy happiness…and it’s copper and black.

Please come and experience this amazing set up yourself!

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