Hear music as it was intended with the Hi-Res Audio player with 1 TB hard drive space , supports DSD and the full range of Hi-Res file formats plus Wi-Fi built in for easy transfer from your PC and a built-in 4-inch GUI for easy operationSony High Resolution HAPZ1ES Monaco AV

• Playback of DSD, LPCM, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, ATRAC, MP3, AAC, WMA music files
• 1 TB hard drive for local music playback and storage
• Analog FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters effectively reduces high-frequency noise in DSD signals
• DSD re-mastering engine, converts all signals to DSD signals, vastly improving sound quality of lower resolution music.
• DSEE, restores high frequency sound removed by the audio compression process, improving the playback of compressed music files.
• WiFi Built-in for app control and easy music transfer from a PC
• Dedicated control tablet and phone app for playback of music files stored on the hard drive
• Expand storage space attaching external hard drive via USB
• Music transfer software for manual and automatic transfer of music files included
• Low-phase noise liquid crystal oscillator provides a clear, open sound field
• Two identical large-capacity transformers separated for analog and digital circuits
• The Frame and Beam chassis achieves both high precision and high rigidity for improved sound and low distortion
• Sound grade resistors are used in the analog audio path
• Balanced XLR analog stereo outputSony High Resolution DSD HAPZ1ES Monaco AV appSony High Res HapZ1ES at Monaco AV high end stereo and home theater store in Pasadena Los Angeles area

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