Every homeowner wants Smart Home Automation now. If you can control your house remotely, the real question will be “How safe and secure is it” Outdoor Wireless Wifi

According to Kashmir Hill from Forbes: “Googling a very simple phrase led me to a list of “smart homes” that had done something rather stupid. The homes all have an automation system from Insteon that allows remote control of their lights, hot tubs, fans, televisions, water pumps, garage doors, cameras, and other devices, so that their owners can turn these things on and off with a smartphone app or via the Web. The dumb thing? Their systems had been made crawl-able by search engines – meaning they show up in search results — and due to Insteon not requiring user names and passwords by default in a now-discontinued product, I was able to click on the links, giving me the ability to turn these people’s homes into haunted houses, energy-consumption nightmares, or even robbery targets. Opening a garage door could make a house ripe for actual physical intrusion.”    For full article, please click here

Like any other products and services that exist in the market place, there are always 3 different levels: Low (Basic), Mid Level (Better) and Luxury (Best). Since the Smart Home Automation is considered as new technology, many homeowners will be most likely putting their first Smart Home Automation system.

Choosing the right infrastructure and company to implement the Smart Home Automation that fit your lifestyle will be the key. MONACO® AV specializes in providing complete Smart Home Automation solutions for homeowners looking for better or best solutions. We provide Smart Home Automation backbone from URC Total Control and Crestron.

Remember, our main job is to protect your most important assets: Time, Privacy and Security of Your Family.

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MONACO AV is specialized in creating Crestron smart home automation and home theater which includes whole house music, whole house video, climate control, lighting , shading, and CCTV surveillance. We are regarded as one of the best Crestron dealer in Los Angeles area and have been in business since 2005.  We have done numerous successful smart home automation projects in Los Angeles, Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, Hollywood and many more.