If you are building a custom home now, why put up with hard to use old technology?
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The 5 biggest Smart Home Automation Myths, DEBUNKED
1. It costs so much. While the cost of building a smart home automation could be very expensive, it is a direct relation with the property itself. A typical big custom home tends to have more lighting loads, climate zones, security cameras, shades, audio and video compared to a basic track home. Worst yet, some people are comparing the total cost of the whole house technology with the price of a television set. Although television set could be part of whole house technology, after all what’s more important is to build the correct foundation and infrastructure that needs to be very reliable and functioning 24/7. Typically, the cost of building a smart home automation will be around $10-$50 per square feet. Please see our Home Automation made simple guide.

2. Smart Home Automation will never become standard. That statement could be true prior 1995, prior to the explosion of the internet. However, we are living in “internet of things” where people want everything simpler and faster. With a simple Google search, try to type in “Home Automation” and you will see even Staples (the office supply mega store) Lowes, ADT, AT&T, Verizon, Home Depot carry Home Automation. What that means is the masses with average homes and average incomes will HAVE some sort of Home Automation in their home. Now, if you are building a multimillion dollars custom home, you MUST incorporate reliable & robust smart home automation into your requirement, otherwise your house resale value will be dropped. Remember, when Smart Phone first came out, only the tech savvy and successful businessmen used them, now everyone in every street corner is using Smart Phones.

3. They break a lot, they are not reliable. We have been designing, building and installing Crestron smart system since 2005. We received numerous phone calls from home owners with their so-called smart home automation system break a lot and they are not reliable. Most of them are related to poorly designed system, either they used the wrong products (technology that is designed for smaller homes aka under 2000 square feet) or company they hired simply just an installation company with no expertise and technical team members to support large home and complex system. Our team member consists of Home Technology Consultants, System Engineers, System Designers, Project Managers, Installation & Integration Technicians, and Programmers. Over the years, we have the “know how” to design, build and install the right solutions for your large luxury custom home.  BUYER BEWARE click here!

4. Smart Home Automation is hard to use and complex. The purpose of having smart home is to simplify and enhance your lifestyle. Having said that, “simple to use” system is very different that “simple” system. Most of “simple to use” system in reality is a very complex system in the background and requires team of experts to make that happen. For instance, the Apple IPhone, it is a very simple to use system, but yet very complex in the background and requires thousands of man hours to make it happen.

5. Technology will become obsolete. As you probably already know, technology will never stops and always continuous to evolve. The good news is if we design, build and install you the right system to begin with, that system can be easily expanded and upgraded in the future. We have expanded and upgraded our clients’ system that we built more than 5 year ago. They are many Smart Home Automation systems out there; however MONACO® is proud to be partnered with the most innovative and financially stable Smart Home manufacturers: Crestron® and URC®.Got clutter Crestron Smart Home Automation Monaco Av dealer

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MONACO AV is specialized in creating Crestron smart home automation and home theater which includes whole house music, whole house video, climate control, lighting , shading, and CCTV surveillance. We are regarded as one of the best Crestron dealer in Los Angeles area and have been in business since 2005.  We have done numerous successful smart home automation projects in Los Angeles, Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, Hollywood and many more.