Primaluna Prologue Dialogue Premium at Monaco AV with KT88 EL34 KT120

Can your amplifier allow you to run different tubes? How about FOUR different tubes at the same time? Most likely, the answer is no… and for good reason: Running four different tubes at the same time makes no sense. This is just a demonstration of how PrimaLuna’s Adaptive AutoBias looks at each output tube individually, monitors it closely, and keeps it operating within a very tight tolerance. This gives you not just the freedom to use many different output tubes, but also gives you freedom from the need for matched tubes, and the hassle of biasing.

But there’s more…
When the KT120 tube was introduced, everybody scrambled to find out if their products would be compatible. KT120 tubes tax the filament power supply of the transformers, drawing more current than a typical KT88. They are a “larger tube” both physically and electrically. The PrimaLuna engineers knew that typical of PrimaLuna, everything is overbuilt, so every PrimaLuna product from day one was up to the task, even the ProLogue One! So if you have a PrimaLuna, just plug in a KT120 and go.
The KT150 is another matter. Physically imposing, this tube is huge. It has higher dissipation and even higher current draw than the KT120, meaning higher output power is possible. The reports are in: they sound incredible. Every DiaLogue Premium and ProLogue Premium power amplifier and integrated amplifier allows you to use most of the most popular output tubes on the market, including the KT150. Note: To use the KT150, because of its size, you must leave the cage off!

This is an exciting time in the world of vacuum tubes. Many consider this to be the absolute golden age. You bought a PrimaLuna. Isn’t it nice to know all these years later that your amplifier is relevant?

We have many satisfied customers running on Primaluna set up. Audition it yourself and you will understand WHY!