From Richard Schram, Parasound President                                         August 28, 2014
Dolby Labs really likes our amplifiers.
Some of you saw the attached photo when I sent it a few years ago.
Some of you are new and haven’t seen it. Paul asked me to send it for you folks.
The guy with the big smile is David Dolby. He has just shoehorned an A 51 into his wife’s Smart Car to take back to Dolby Labs.David Dolby Richard Schram with Parasound A51 Monaco AVMy expression is because I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been standing there.
Dolby Labs has purchased around 15 Parasound Halo amplifiers – so far.
Their new Atmos theater in their HQ is powered by seven A 21s. After they finish the theater I’ll pay them a visit and try to get some photos of their A 21 installation for you. Dolby is a 10 minute drive from Parasound.

Siegfrid Linkwitz really likes our amplifiers
You folks that are audio enthusiasts will recognize the name of a man who has profoundly influenced loudspeaker design. He co-invented the Linkwitz-Rily filter and it’s probably safe to say that a majority of loudspeaker crossovers use this filter characteristic.
Siegfried is friends with Jack Vad, the recording engineer for the San Francisco Symphony. Jack uses a JC 2. JC 1 and A 21s in his work. He and his wife Anne, a cellist in the Symphony, have a JC 2, JC 1s, P 7 and A 51 at home. He loaned his A 51 to Linkwitz who is making very precise measurements of a number of power amplifiers. Jack called today to report that Siegfried was startled because he was virtually unable to measure any IM distortion in the A 51 – and that its IMD is significantly lower than the IMD in a far more expensive two channel PXSS LXABS Amp.

Parasound Professional Choice by Lucas Film Sony Universal Skywalker Dolby Monaco AV

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