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KEF’s R500 ($2599.98) was one of the most-talked-about speakers of 2012. It’s part of KEF’s R series, which also includes the larger R700 ($3599.98) and R900 ($4999.98) floorstanding models. Despite the R500’s now being more than two years old, I feel it’s just as competitive today as it was then.What makes the R500 so special is its Uni-Q driver — the same one used in all of KEF’s R models. The Uni-Q houses a tweeter and midrange in the same assembly, to produce a wavefront that’s coherent in all directions. KEF has been developing and refining this driver technology for years, and, from the sound of the R500, has pretty much perfected it. In my room, the R500s produced an astonishingly clear, natural, effortless midrange and top end; they played incredibly loud without distortion; and provided a vast, holographic soundstage that riveted me.

KEF R500 Soundstage Hifi Review Monaco AV

What the more expensive R700 and R900 models do better than the R500 is BASS, due to their larger woofers and cabinets — they go deeper, and they play louder down there. But in my very large room, I found the bass produced by the R500s wholly sufficient — which is why I consider the R500 the STEAL of KEF’s R line.

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