If you never own an electrostatic speaker from Martin Logan, you owe it to yourself!Monaco Av authorized Martin Logan dealer3 reasons why you should get yourself a Martin Logan electrostatic speakers:
1. Sound Quality. When it comes to sound quality, nothing will give you closer to the real thing and lifelike sound like the Martin Logan electrostatic speakers. Over the years, we have set up many of these amazing speakers and most of our clients just dropped their jaws after they listened to them. Once you listen to these, you will be amazed. PS: Our founder got into the high end audio after listening to Martin Logan and Krell combo.

2. Cool looking. Not only they sound amazing, however they are very good looking and actually quite sexy! These could be the only “big” speakers that you want to show it to everyone that comes into your house and the “significant other acceptance factor” is quite high on these Martin Logan electrostatic speakers.

3. Very reliable. Since there is virtually no moving cones or parts, Martin Logan electrostatic tends to be very robust and long lasting. Every penny that you spend on these amazing speakers will be well worth it.

PS: If you only HEAR these Martin Logan speakers at your local Big Box stores, you actually never really LISTENED to them.  Come see us and discover WHY!

“I could not be happier with both the expertise and the equipment provided by Monaco. The technicians were extremely skilled, and although I was hesitant to spend what seemed like a huge amount on a theater system (this has been my dream for years), it is worth every cent. I highly recommend Monaco!” from Rael I, proud owner of Martin Logan electrostatic home theater system

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MONACO® Audio Video is an authorized dealer for Martin Logan. We carry all Martin Logan products ranging from Architectural series, Motion series, Electromotion ESL, Dynamo500, Dynamo700, Dynamo1000, Dynamo1500, Balance Force Subwoofer, Theos, Ethos, Montis, Summit X  and CLX.

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