Today, we just moved our Peachtree Audio Nova125 to from our Desktop Hifi area into our sound room. First impression was this Peachtree with 125 watts Class D amplification really drives our floor standing speakers: Martin Logan Electromotion ESL, KEF R500, Martin Logan Motion 20 and Totem Arro with full authority.

Best stereo sound system under $5K
We‘re streaming our Apple iTunes library using the Apple TV connected to the Parasound ZDAC. Most of our files are either AAC or MP3s. The tube buffer really removes some of hardness and edginess from MP3 format. We love the sound of it; we hear the micro details, very wide sound stage and massive dynamic. Peachtree Nova125 closeup review
The best part is any of this combination can be purchased for under $5K complete, the Peachtree Nova125 and a pair of speakers of your choice: Martin Logan, KEF, Totem, Klipsch or Dynaudio. Just add any sources that you like, and any audiophiles will be hard impressed with the sound quality.

Please visit our Pasadena store for LIVE demo! Call NOW (626)395-9597 for direction or best parking spot.
Computer audio with Peachtree Nova125 Totem Martin Logan Motion 20 in Monaco AV