In this 21st Century, we all agree that technology drives our world and how we live our lives! We are living in the world of software and data. Yet, however when it comes to lighting, the technology hasn’t changed much within the last 100 years.


Lighting Design

Lighting Can Drastically Change the Mood of a Room

  • Make smaller rooms appear more open, larger rooms feel cozy
  • Difference between a well-lit office versus an intimate restaurant

Lighting Plan Factors to Consider:

  • Lamp life, system efficiency, maintenance
  • Color rendering and appearance, daylight integration and control
  • Light distribution and points of interest
  • Cost and flexibility

A new age has dawned in the lighting industry. Gone are the days of Romex wiring and high voltage. With the emergence of LED technology and its minimal power requirements, energy efficient lighting solutions represent today’s state-of-the-art. Easy-to-install, cost-effective LED lighting offers unmatched flexibility, with exciting lifestyle and wellness features and benefits. In short, the possibilities are endless with today’s technology regarding lighting solutions. Users now control the color and temperature of their lighting.

One of the leaders we’ve been partnering is Colorbeam Lighting, a manufacturer with global reach. Their GATEway DMX processor offers an array of feature sets, including circadian rhythm/human-centric lighting applications, tunability, RGB/color, third-party controllability and perfect flicker-free dimming from 0-100 – in a wide array of indoor recessed fixtures, tape light and outdoor/landscape fixtures for residential, hospitality, commercial and MDU applications.

The Right Light For All Occasions

Colorbeam Lighting delivers a revolutionary low voltage lighting system that brings imagination to light and offers a better lighting experience. Colorbeam’s patented GATEway Processor drives health benefits through circadian rhythm and human centric lighting applications while creating more productive, appealing, and dynamic spaces.

Colorbeam’s lifestyle and wellness lighting offers endless possibilities at a press of a button. Energizing light in the morning, natural light during the day, and elegant warm light in the evening sets the scene to live, work, and play under a light that’s just right. Personalize your home with Colorbeam’s tunabable human centric lighting solution and create a healthier and pleasant living environment. Your family’s indoor and outdoor living experience will never be the same.

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