Smart Home Automation Made Simple™

Choose the level and pace that fits your lifestyle and budget

Level 1: Whole House Audio (Distributed Audio)
Level 2: Whole House Video (Distributed Video)
Level 3: Lighting & Climate Automation
Level 4: Security & Surveillance Automation
Level 5: Luxury and Comfort Automation

Each level typically cost between $10-$20 per square footage complete from start to finish; that’s less than 1/10th of your total house building budget, complete from design to finish/furnish.  For instance: let’s say your house is 5000 square feet, and you like to do Level 1, your budget should be around $10-$20 x 5000 sq feet or $50K to $100K, assuming that you are  doing it all  in 5000 sq feet.  If you choose only doing some portion of the house, the budget will be less, i.e. You are only doing half of the house, you will be looking at half the total cost which is $25K as opposed to $50K.

In typical house building process, each professional trades responsible for only one phase of the project. For instance: the architect & engineer are responsible for the Design phase, the Builder is responsible for Build phase, and the Interior Designer is responsible for the Finish/ Furnish stage.
The unique part about what we do is we are responsible for the Design, Build and Finish phase of the project.  We need to design the system properly according to your lifestyle, needs and house condition, provide the wiring installation for the system infrastructure, provide, install, integrate and program the finish products as well.

Custom Home Theater Automation Equipment Rack Home Automation Low Voltage Floor Plan

Proper planning, design and engineering are paramount to a successful whole house automation project

The most common mistake that people make is only looking the various finish products prices such as television and speakers’ prices to determine their total budget. We always educate our customers the most important is the design and engineering phase, to determine the right backbone for your system. The finish products are easily changed or upgraded, however making the wrong choice as far as the backbone could be fatal and most cases the system can’t be fixed.  For instance, if you think you need a bigger television, all you have to do change it to bigger television. However, when you get the wrong infrastructure, ie. The wiring or switcher can’t support the highest current resolution; it can be fatal and costly to correct that mistake.

We have numerous phone calls from homeowners that request us to fix their system. However, in many cases, we can’t fix their system, unless we completely re-do the whole system, since the whole system infrastructure was not designed properly. Proper planning & budgeting for the whole project are the two most important aspect of the project that can’t be overlooked.

The rules of thumb is if your home automation’s budget is  less than your flooring or carpet per square footage, chances are your system may not be designed or function properly.

Those are just some basic guidelines. Please come and see us, we will show and educate you. As always, we are here to make it easy for you.

Crestron & URC

Our Smart Home Automation Made Simple™ lifestyle board to illustrate and educate you about Home Automation

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