Project Overview:  At first client wanted us to install their billiard room with plasma and surround sound. After talking to the client and understanding their lifestyle, they will be benefited from integrated home. The client’s concern is their home is very traditional and by putting home automation will diminish their traditional design. At the end, client wanted to get a high performance whole house music system throughout this 6000 square feet home with no visibility of any electronic components or speakers. Client also wished to incorporated environment control such as lighting system and climate control with the A/V. Client’s ultimate goal is simply to get all benefit from an integrated home without sacrificing their traditional home design. After the whole project is completed, the client is very happy with the result considering the fact that the client gets all the benefits from integrated home yet still keeping their beloved home as traditional as possible.

Since this project is a retrofit project; we need to have a very flexible control system and gives us tremendous options and capabilities to expand in the future. Therefore, we designed the control system using Crestron platform: Audio Distribution, HVAC, Lighting Control, Security, and Touch Panels. In order to achieve high level performance music system with no speaker visibility, we used the Stealth Acoustics 8’’ invisible in-wall speakers throughout the home’s interiors. The challenge is in order to fit this size of speakers, we needed to do some modification to the wall studs. For the lighting control, we used Crestron wireless dimmers.

In order to satisfy client’s requirements, we divided this project into 3 different sub-projects. First, we put the system in their billiard room with plasma and surround sound. Second was their whole house music system and lastly we incorporated the whole house A/V system with the lighting and HVAC control.

Whole House Lighting Control-Prior to the lighting control installed, client had to walk around the whole house just simply to turn on or turn off the lights. The 15000 sq feet back yard didn’t have proper lighting as well. Client never turned on their china cabinet’s lighting as well. Now with Crestron lighting control, the whole property’s lighting especially front yard, back yard, china cabinet and foyer are on the schedule based on the sunrise and sunset.

Party Mode- Client can simply press Party Mode on their Crestron touch panel and turn on the whole house music system. They informed me several of their guest were looking all over the house trying to figure it out where the sound coming from. This Party Mode also incorporated with the lighting for example if they have evening party, this button not only activates the music system, but also dims the lights to proper setting.

Home and Away Scene- Client doesn’t need to walk around the whole house to turn on or turn off light. Home Scene will illuminate the pathway as they enter their home. Away Scene will turn off unnecessary house lighting.

Relax Scene- In the Living Room we programmed the Relax Scene on the Crestron 4 buttons lighting dimmer. The client use this feature whenever they just got off from a long working day, the Relax Scene with dim to light to very soft brightness and the client can hear a soft sounding music in the background.

Music Server- Client used to have difficulty organizing their CDs collections and pick what song to play. With the Escient music server, now the client can see and play all their collection easily. If they are in the mood for Jazz, the client can simply select the Jazz genre.


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