We started our business as a complete home integration company. All brands and products are carefully chosen to represent the best in its class and work flawlessly in a real life environment. Remember, the Best doesn’t always mean the most expensive. We have the hottest and most exciting brands in the market such as Sony, Crestron, KEF, Klipsch, Sonos, URC, Krell and Parasound. Our commitment is always to bring products that provide solutions, reliable and represent exceptional value.

In fact, we have more than thousands product selection to choose from, except we CAN’T show it all, otherwise our Solution Center needs to be as big if not bigger than discounted Big Box store or Warehouse Club.

Plus, there are many GOOD brands and products out there. In fact, too many of them. The pictures and sound will be different than what we have, however only our solutions that will bring you REAL picture and sound.