Design and build a project with both attractive design and functionality to accommodate your client‘s needs and lifestyle is key. With that in mind, you are always looking ahead to envision how your clients will use their home when your design is brought to life.

At MONACO®, we specialize in designing, installing, and programming premium home technology solutions. When brought on board as your team member, we can provide the insight you need to ensure your client’s electronic systems installations run smoothly, saving the client time, money, and headaches. We are locally based residential electronic systems contractor (LIC#877749), and our focus includes lighting controlshades and drapery control, climate control, multi-room audio, home theater, Smart Home Automationwhole house wireless WiFi internet, and security/ surveillance.

As the demand for home technology continues to grow, one consideration is becoming increasingly important: your client may be looking to merge electronic systems into the final design of their home. This may include energy management, lighting control, climate control, whole house audio, home theater, and more. Are you designing plans that will account for the structured wiring and equipment area to your clients will ultimately need to support these systems? Let us be your be your resource for all your home technology needs.

As an Interior Designer, you may encounter projects in which the client is interested in a home theater, whole-house integration system, and high-end audio/video system. In these cases, you may be concerned with how this will integrate with your design. We are experienced at seamlessly merging residential technology with the home’s design considerations. We know how to select attractive, low-profile products to suit a room’s theme, and our installers can expertly conceal systems behind walls, fixtures, or artwork. Our philosophy is simple: “the technology should not interfere with your design vision, but enhance it”

As consumer demand for home entertainment and technology grows, it has become increasingly crucial to consider a home’s electronic systems during the planning stages of the building process rather than as an afterthought. Planning in advance for the high-end audio/video systems, low voltage wiring, home theater, whole house internet networking, lighting control and whole-house integration systems your client want is guaranteed to add to the value of the home and saves homeowners from the stress of a complex retrofit installation later. With the builder special pricing, we can assure you that you can bid your project competitively!