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Our Story
It’s all started when a young Larry Weiss experienced a high performance audio demo 18 years ago at one of the high-end AV stores in Seattle. As a music and movie lover, he never knew a high performance audio system consisting of Electrostatic Speakers and pure CLASS A Amplification could give such a Lifelike sound. At that moment, he knew that he fell in love with something special and decided to share it by beginning a new career path. The rest is history!

Bring Back the Passion
If you LOVE music, movies and technology, you owe it to yourself to stop by our Pasadena showroom to experience the state of the art audio, video and smart home technology. We carry the most innovative premier brands from KEF®, Martin Logan®, KRELL®, Parasound®, SONY ES, Crestron®, URC® and many more.

Our Way of Doing Business
Since 2005, we offer our Best to everyone who visits our store:
Best Solutions: From 2 channel stereo, television, desktop system, wireless music to State of the Art home theater, we are obligated to offer our customers the best solutions available. There are many good products and solutions out there today; we like to offer our customers the best products & solutions from carefully evaluated leaders in Audio, Video and Technology manufacturers.  Remember, the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive!

Best Services: In this day and age, there is less human interaction and true passion. We still like doing business the old fashion way, the right way. We love to talk to our customers in person, engaging into a friendly & meaningful conversation. Offering you World Class customer service IS NOT an option for us, it is the only way we conduct business.

Best Prices: With our price match and 30 day LOW PRICE GUARANTEE policy, we can assure you that you won’t be overpaying at MONACO®. Before or after you shop from us, if you’ve seen a lower price for any product that we carry, just let us know. Our prices are fiercely competitive!

We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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