About Us

Our simple mission: to be the best in digital audio, video and home automation one stop shop solution provider
Our simple business philosophy: treat every customer the way we want to be treated

MONACO® is founded in 2005 by an engineer, entrepreneur and audio video expert, Larry Weiss.  Our mission is simple: to be the best digital audio, video and home automation one stop shop solution provider. Our company has always been a Solutions and Customer Oriented company from the start. We believe in providing every customer the correct and best possible solutions according to their budget, needs and lifestyle.

When we first started, HDTV and flat panels were just beginning to gain popularity.  Many people started to get their 5.1 home theater surround sound solutions using either in wall or in ceiling speakers. Even the universal remote was still simply a basic black and white device.

We predicted that all electronics in the whole house eventually will be connected. We created our slogan “Everything Connected” knowing that would be the direction things were heading.

In 2006, we created a partnership with Crestron Electronics, the biggest and the most trusted name in the industry. Our strong partnership with Crestron® enables us to provide our customers a complete home technology solution for home theater, whole house audio & video, lighting and climate control, security & surveillance and luxury & comfort.  

We also joined Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) where in 2007 we won our CEDIA award in Best Integrated Home
With the launch of Smartphone and Apple® iPad, the whole house integrated technology became reality and a MUST for the modern home. Now the price of whole house automation is getting even more affordable.

In 2012, we created another important partnership with Universal Remote Control Total Control (URC®TC). URC® has a proven track record of making simple and affordable universal remote controls.  With their strong commitment to make technology simple and easy for the costumers, we are proud to support the URC® Total Control solutions.

In 2013, we launched our first retail division: MONACO®AV Solution Center Store™ in Pasadena. The idea behind our Solution Center Store™ is to become a destination of choice for customers, architects and interior designers to learn experience and shop for the latest in digital audio, video and technology. 


Best Solutions:  When it comes to the latest home entertainment and automation, EXPERIENCE & KNOLWLEDGE matters.   Our SIMPLE, yet SYSTEMATIC approach will guarantee your Best Solutions that will match perfectly to your taste, expectations and budget.  We have been providing Audio Video and Technology solutions to many satisfied customers, ranging from several thousand to multi-million dollar projects. Remember, Best Solutions may NOT always be the Most Expensive.  Trust our experience and expertise and let us design your next system!

Best Services: With the Best Solutions possible, we guarantee your system, from simple to complex, will work properly for many years to come.  All of the systems we have put together more than a decade ago are still running till this day.  We respond to most Service Calls within 24 hours and most issues can be solved over the phone or email.  We regularly attend advanced training and seminars to polish our skills to provide you with the BEST SERVICES Possible!

Best Prices: Of course, price matters! No one likes to overpay for anything.  That’s why we guarantee BEST PRICES, to offer you the absolute LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP.  Our unique approach and great partnerships with many top manufacturers will assure you the best possible pricing. If you have a competitive quote/ bid, let us match it or beat it; if we can’t, we will give you $100 Amazon gift card or 1% of the total project cost*, whichever greater.

Best Solutions, Services and Prices, Guaranteed!  Not just a slogan; let us prove it to you. Call us (626) 395 9597 or better yet, stop by our showroom in the beautiful City of Pasadena.

*Quote/ Proposal must be from an Authorized Dealer and represents a good faith estimate and working system.