Everyone agrees that if you are building a large custom home, it will require a much stronger foundation & infrastructure to support the building/ property itself.  However, when it comes to internet and networking, which is now considered as MUST HAVE standard for any modern homes, yet most people are still using the consumer grade internet appliances or use whatever the internet provider (AT&T or Verizon) provides.  Although those consumer grade or “Freebies” are good enough products, however they are designed for much smaller homes (typically for around 1000-1500 square feet).

Whole House Wi-Fi       

Consumer grade technology is designed to meet a certain price point. For $100, you can purchase an all-in-one networking product with a built-in access point, switch, and router. But meeting a certain price point has its limitations—network security and speed are severely compromised in order to make way for cheaper alternatives. Businesses and modern homes need a superior network with better security, priority streaming, and greater bandwidth to handle today’s appliances. That’s where enterprise-grade technology steps in.

Enterprise-grade products offer:
1. Better Streaming – multimedia networks can coexist with each other, thanks to configurable priority streaming. Voice services are crystal clear and not subject to data drops and delays. You can stream your favorite movies from Netflix while your kids are listening to Pandora and browsing the internet flawlessly.

  1. Security – this includes encryption for all administrative traffic (HTTPS, SFTP, SSH) and IP access controls. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls are built-in to protect the network against oncoming threats.  You can be sure that no one else is snooping into your private information such as online banking.
  2. High Bandwidth – enterprise-grade products can supply enough bandwidth to support simultaneous streams of audio/video without interruption.
  3. Scalability – rather than scrapping an entire system when something new comes out, integrators can scale their enterprise-grade equipment up to accommodate different situations.
  4. Reliability – while consumer grade routers overheat, get overloaded with too many connections, or simply stop working after 8 month, enterprise-grade products are built to last for years. Enterprise-grade products also come with lengthy warranty periods to ensure the network runs smoothly.
  5. Coverage – Businesses and large homes require coverage for a tremendous amount of space and are comprised of diverse building materials such as concrete, stone, or steel. Enterprise-grade products ensure full coverage of wireless property, even in the face of substantial wireless interference.

With internet now considered the 4th utility in homes (behind gas, water, and electricity), a reliable network is more important than ever before. That is why we have a solution for a fully-integrated network that meets the necessities of  home larger than 1500 sq feet.

Voice Control

Integrating with Amazon Alexa enables Crestron or URC Total Control smart home to offer the next generation of market leading home automation. Amazon Alexa, in-sync with Crestron connects with Alexa Voice Service allowing your wish to become a command. As the day begins simply ask Alexa to activate ‘morning theme’ for the blinds to slowly open, lights to go up, with a warm shower running waiting for you to start your day just right. With Crestron weaved into the fabric of your home you can manage light, temperature, audio and visual all at the touch of a button. Now, effortlessly connected with Amazon Alexa if you want to set the mood for an intimate dinner, or pump up the volume of your favorite song, you only have to ask. It’s your home, responding to your voice. Your home responding to your every need.

Amazon Alexa, in-sync with Crestron seamlessly connects the Alexa Voice Service with Crestron allowing you to manage light, temperature, audio and visual all via the sound of your voice.

Voice control using Crestron’s custom integration with the Amazon Alexa allows you to command: Lights, Thermostat, Shades, Media and Presets

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